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Since its inception in 1997, Momentum has endeavoured to integrate some of the best principles and methods of corporate strategy on one hand and marketing strategy on the other, to help our clients develop comprehensive brand strategies and meet the challenges of an ever more competitive market place.

The heart of our work remains the development of a motivating, distinctive brand positioning and a unique brand personality for our clients' brands. The resultant benefits to clients include the building of a more stable, long-term demand and the building of decent profit margins by adding values that bond customers and make their companies attractive to work for and deal with.

In fact, Momentum increasingly believes in working across multiple stakeholder groups which include employees, shareholders, government, financial communities, media, vendors, channel partners, etc

We have been working very closely with Momentum for evolving a branding strategy for Bharat Petroleum's retail SBU. The scope of work included evolving a branding architecture for the existing brands & also for all the new brands in retail.We have found that working with Momentum has been very refreshing, highly creative but at the same time closely linked to reality.
S.Ramesh, Dy.General Manager (Retail Strategy)

Our process involves close collaboration with clients and the use of a proprietary research methodology that helps us base our strategies on sound understanding and insight. Typically, our outputs consist of business and growth strategies, a company vision, core competence architecture, strategic positioning, brand personality, integrated marketing mix strategies (including creative briefing, internal communication & training, retail & service strategies and brand architecture).

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