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Situation Analysis meeting:-
Momentum typically starts an assignment by providing a checklist of questions to the client to help him brief us thoroughly. This usually entails a full day meeting with the client and the members of his core team.

Market visits and mystery shopper exercises:-
These are conducted in all the key markets, to get a first hand feel of the ground realities. Extensive desk research is done at this stage. We also do dipstick consumer study if needed at this stage.
Initial hypothesis workshop:-
A full day workshop is held with the core members of the client's team. The purpose of this workshop is to generate initial hypotheses regarding the key issues facing the brand, its positioning, and brand personality and so on.
Strategy development research:-
The research is divided into three parts:

Desk Study: A thorough literature study on and around the topic is conducted. Our primary sources of information are: Articles from Indian & international magazines & journals, books written on the subject, research papers & articles available on the Internet etc.

Direct Consumer Contact: Qualitative research is conducted among a carefully chosen sample of respondents. Hypotheses are tested, and new hypotheses are evolved as the study progresses. This dynamic interweaving of research and strategy development is a proprietary methodology unique to Momentum. We only work with seasoned researchers and attend each and every focus group.

Delphi Study: Consists of several stages during which the views of a range of experts are sought, compiled, synthesized and modified. The nature of expertise could range from the category experts, market researchers with extensive experience in the category, media, technologists, sociologists, economists etc.

Brand strategy development workshop:-
A highly inclusive methodology, it consists of a two-day workshop among all the key stakeholders of the brand, across various levels and functions, such as marketing, product, finance, HRD etc. Ensures a good mix of experience and wide-eyed innocence, resulting in more breakthrough thinking and holistic solutions. Importantly, ensures unification of commitment and buy-in
towards the brand strategy among key groups.
Final presentation of recommendations to the client.
Momentum is committed to helping our clients operationalise our strategy recommendations and places the highest priority on partnering with them through the implementation phase. In fact, Momentum increasingly plays the role of central custodian of the brand strategy. This may involve creative briefing, creative development research, training workshops etc. In the course of the implementation Momentum helps forge effective alliances with other management consultancies, advertising agencies, HR consultants, media independents, DM and PR agencies, etc.
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