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A few things we believe :-
In rigour and depth but also in inspiration and magic.
In getting our hands and feet dirty in all the work we do with our clients.
In respecting every single stakeholder and doing our best to obtain their buy in and input at all critical stages.
Research is experiential and we will attend every single focus group, and conduct most depth interviews ourselves.
It is not possible to over-brief a researcher and that seasoned, creative researchers are precious people.
In research from many different data sources - desk, expert, consumer, customer, etc.
In questioning everyone and everything and encouraging a wide-eyed innocence at all times, especially in the early part of our process.
In knowing when to do quantitative research, when to do qualitative, and when to do no research at all.
We're all partially blind and that the most complete solutions emerge when people from across all key functions - sales, marketing, finance, HR, R&D, etc. - sit together and attack a problem.
The most important attribute of a good strategist is the ability to simplify and build a simple, coherent argument.
In practising listening skills of a very high order at all stages of the process.
That the only results worth talking about are hard and tangible ones - sales, market-share, growth, profitability, and so on.
We believe that life is short and we should only do what we're passionate about.
We believe that business - at its best- can be a positive force in our world today.