The Indian Society of Advertisers and Momentum Strategy Consultants have come together to bring to you a seminar on “Building Global Brands Out of India” on April 21 & 22, 2006 at the ITC Grand Central, Mumbai.
Globalization is the new buzzword. Almost every leading corporation is talking about stepping out and participating in the global economy. From boardrooms to drawing rooms, India is being touted as the next BIG thing and yet one wonders how much of this hype about India Inc. is for real. Swinging between simplistic over-confidence and the deeply depressing litany of our infrastructure and the gap vis-à-vis China, the debate about India's globalization needs a reality check. We need a forum where issues can be discussed in a mature and calm manner by practitioners who are committed to building global brands out of their businesses.

Starting by defining what makes a truly global brand, we will look at the new, wider definition of brands. Moving away from brands as products that lie on shop shelves we will look at the emerging paradigm of companies as brands, with a common vision and competencies underlying their sustainability. Only when we build companies with world-class competence can we dream of having brands with a global appeal and footprint.
What you are going to see over these two days are some tough professionals intensely debating some hard issues, confronting all the brutal facts yet guided by a steely resolve to get there. Some of the questions that will be up for debate and discussion are:
What aspects of the Indian national character can we leverage to differentiate our firms in the global context?
What issues face marketers while selling an Indian brand abroad? How have other developing nations like China done it?
What is the role and significance of the domestic market in the global context?
How do we develop leadership with a global mindset?
How does our national character affect the way our firms are managed?
What aspects of our culture and value system are distinct and attractive?
Are we too IT centric when it comes to globalization and are we guilty of ignoring other clusters of national competitive advantage?
Do we need to create a common sense of destiny for Indian firms through a strategic vision for India?
This seminar has been designed specifically keeping in mind the needs and interests of senior management and marketing professionals of companies that are looking at the global market.

This seminar will also provide senior marketing and advertising professionals with the insights they need to design impactful and far-reaching brand campaigns.