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Bridged Positioning
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Based on an understanding of the consumer value proposition, a distillation of consumer understanding into a two-word mantra that defines the brand's raison d'etre. Deceptively simple, it is arrived at through complex, painstaking analysis, that takes into account -

What is the consumer looking for?
What in the consumer's mind belongs to competition?
What belongs to, or could uniquely belong to us?

To arrive at the Bridged Positioning we need to first understand the Bridged Needs that the brand would plug into i.e. the functional and psychological benefits of a brand expressed by a single, unifying idea. The bridged need usually embraces large groups of consumers and represents a potentially viable big brand positioning.
E.g. Singapore Airlines - Hospitality; Colgate - Protection

In addition we would need to formulate a discriminator - the best expression, presentation or form of the chosen bridged need. A carefully chosen discriminator allows the brand to appropriate to itself a bridged need, by offering the most compelling way of satisfying this need. Together this will give us the Bridged Positioning for a brand.
E.g. Singapore Airlines - Oriental Hospitality; Colgate - Trusted Protection